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Back in balance

I pull out of the Salvation Army parking lot with my bargain clothes.  The already-low priced items are part of the “half-off, Wednesday-only” special.  I love finding good deals.  The Florida sun is warm through my windshield and I slip on my sunglasses.  After checking my mirrors and getting into traffic, I glance down to press play for my audio book.

CRASH! Two cars in the oncoming lane collide nearly parallel to me.  My body goes weak as if the metal frame around me has been crunched.  I pull into a parking lot and assess the scene across the street.  Bystanders quickly check on the victims.  A heaviness rests in my chest as if I’m the driver who crossed into the other lane, air bags bursting into my face.


Watching the accident is enough to trick my brain that I’m the one amidst broken glass, leaking fluids and a detached bumper.  I understand from the work I’ve done in the energy healing field and in my research for teaching vision board workshops that our brains have mirror neurons.  These mirror neurons allow us to feel or act as though something is really happening to us when it’s not.  These neurons are what make our adrenaline pump, heart rate quicken, or palms sweat when we watch an action movie and it feels as if we are in the car chase or battle.  They make our stomachs recoil when another person eats something disgusting.  They makes us smile when another person smiles.

I draw in a few deep breaths to calm the angst roiling through my chest and stomach as the paramedics strap one driver to a gurney and roll him to the ambulance.  Flashbacks to accidents I’ve been in flick across my internal screen.  The car accident I was in while on a lunch break between high school classes rushes through my mind.  Another scene shows the time when a trailer unhinged and slammed into the front end of the driver’s side when my then-boyfriend was at the wheel.

The sadness and grief inside intensifies at the memory of withstanding a major fall.  Years ago, my former husband and I were building our house.  An unsecured floor board rested on top of the joists.  I stepped on it.  The board flipped up and I fell ten feet to the concrete basement floor.   Bruised and bleeding, I curled up in the fetal position too stunned to cry but aware enough to scan my body.  I can wiggle my toes.  And fingers.  This is a good sign. (Can you feel this scene in your body?)

When I was strapped to the stretcher that day and lifted into the ambulance, I was afraid the paramedics would drop me and I’d fall twice that day.  That sensation surges through me again as I watch the uniformed responders lift the victim into the ambulance.

Knowing that I need to lessen the emotions that are swirling through me, I begin tapping.  Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is a tool we can ALL learn.  It combines ancient Chinese acupressure with modern psychology to help us release a negative emotional state, heal from traumas, and increase health and happiness.  It’s so simple to use and so effective.  I’ve used it for a multitude of reasons.       Also, check out the videos by Brad Yates on YouTube.

It’s been years since I sustained that fall, but the emotions rise to the surface as if it happened last week.  As different memories surface and feelings churn, I tap and begin to feel a lessening in their intensity.  After only minutes, I feel a release.  I am calmer and know that I am healing the emotional blocks from the physical traumas.

When traumas occur, they can cause blocks in our physical and emotional systems.  Often times, when the emotions of an event aren’t dealt with properly, physical signs will begin to show up.  Aches, pains, rashes, headaches, back aches, and a host of other ailments and illnesses are usually rooted in an unresolved emotional issue.

Dr. Lissa Rankin, author of Mind over Medicine, depicts a new wellness model that isn’t shaped like the old pyramids or pie charts.  Rather, it’s like stacked stones, or cairns, that balance on beaches or at sacred spots.  If one piece is missing, the whole thing (like your body) is out of balance and can topple.


(My own stacked stones. Costa Rica, 2013)

My wish for you as we enter into this traditional time of gratitude and reflection is balance in your physical body and emotional state, too.  May you surround yourself with other people and experiences that bring you peace, joy, and happiness….for your neurons are mirroring what is happening around you and others are picking up on what you are projecting.

With love and gratitude for you….


P.S.  If you desire a personalized Guided Meditation, an Energy Healing session (in-person or long-distance), or a Vision Board workshop for you and/or a loved one this holiday season, please contact me for an appointment.  Gift certificates are also available!

P.S.S.  What is one simple daily practice that helps you feel balanced?  What does it feel like when you are balanced?  Please share in the comments below.  Thanks!

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